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And not until the Conservancy began working at the Apalachicola Preserve had anyone tried to find out if seed produced after a summer fire would germinate and grow.
If you can keep on top of those weeds as they germinate, they'll be a lot easier to pull than later when root systems become extensive.
Don't poke them in the ground like other seeds, as they just need minimal soil contact to germinate.
Zurcher sees the stem diameter correlation as fitting in with his earlier work showing that tree seeds germinate and grow at different rates, depending on the phase of the moon.
Heat destroys the outer coat, letting the seed soak up water and germinate.
Seeds especially, which need every advantage to germinate and develop successfully, should be planted today rather than tomorrow.
The ethylene causes the spores to germinate just as the fruit becomes most vulnerable, says Pappachan E.
Valley oak (Quercus lobata) acorns are distinguished by their capacity to germinate immediately after they fall from the tree.
But they germinate only in the right mix of light and temperature conditions.
Recall that in nature, seeds germinate where they are dropped or blown from the plant, or where animals carry them; 99 times out of a hundred, they sprout lying flat upon the ground.
If immediately watered, the seeds germinate with the first fall or winter rain.
In order to germinate, seeds need nickel concentrations of somewhere between 10 and 100 parts per billion, Welch says.