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Make sure the soil remains moist and warm while they are germinating.
The period of warm weather in late March and early April may have led to seeds germinating, but the cooler temperatures later in spring probably hampered their growth, or they may have succumbed to frost.
Edwards and Roux (1994) found that germinating spores of Ceratopteris richardii could sense the direction of gravity because gravity directed the nuclear migration in the germinating spores, as well as the initial direction of growth of the primary rhizoid.
But, cereal grains germinating in this manner often lack drought or cold hardiness.
In the plant breeding process it is often useful to verify the quality of the pollen used, this is done by germinating the pollen; a varitey of formulas can be used including pure water.
It might also be attributed to a net synthesis of enzymatic protein by germinating seeds [12, 14].
Both these products performed poorly overall in the seed sowing tests, with less than 40% of seeds germinating when sown in these products.
Effort Hoe borders to kill germinating weed seedlings and dig up emerging perennial weeds.
Researchers were able to reduce the levels of flatulence-causing stachyose and raffinose by 92% and 80% by germinating the soybeans in the presence of R.
These results indicate that the bio-functional properties of buckwheat may be improved by the germinating process.
There are also petite peat and wood fiber shells known as Jiffy Pots which can be filled with potting soil and then used for germinating seeds or rooting shoot tip cuttings.
In collaboration with the Faculty of Horticulture at Chiba University, the company has succeeded in germinating buried seeds collected in Lake Inbanuma, Chiba.