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Ten seeds of each cultivar with four replications were sown on a line in the upper third of the substrate paper, distributed so as to direct the tip of the radicle downward, and taken to the germinator at 25[degrees]C.
Socfindo received a certificate of ISO 9001 for good management of quality in a tight and well monitored process of production supervision, which is divided into four important parts--field handling, laboratory and handling in germinator to process of shipment to consumers.
Then I realized that I am not the broadcaster of the seeds, the planter, or the germinator.
They also reported that Leersia was often an opportunistic germinator with rapid seedling growth after disturbances occurred.
Teenagers and young adults have put together a food hygiene film called The Germinator and they were able to put their new-found knowledge into practice with a series of healthy cooking sessions, serving up a buffet after the film's screening.
THE GERMINATOR COLLAPSIBLE PORTABLE GREENHOUSE: Germinator I 5-by-8-foot Hobby Greenhouse ($425 plus shipping); Germinator II 8-by-8-foot Hobby Greenhouse ($495 plus shipping); additional 8-foot shelving units for Germinator I Hobby Greenhouse ($85 plus shipping).
Burpee's Golden" is a beautiful yellow beet with yellow veined leaves--plant extra, since it's not a good germinator.
Laboratory germination experiments were carried out to check collected (not purchased) seeds viability using a Jacobsen germinator (Besnier 1989).
While there are no records of temperatures required for threadleaf sedge in nature, temperature levels selected for the germinator were based on local seasonal observations for western Nebraska.
A larger Germinator I unit (6' by 8' by 7' 2") sells for $329.
Two cartoon characters - Germinator and Grot - will be used to get the message of good hygiene over to children.