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Petri dishes were arranged on the shelves of the germinator in a completely randomized design.
Tenders are invited for State from reputed manufacturers/duly authorized dealers/Government undertakings and registered supplies regarding supply of Laboratory Equipments, seed Germinator for Seed Testing Lab.
D) germinator with control of photo and thermoperiod, under alternating temperature of 10-35[degrees]C associated with 16 hours under dark (lowest temperature) and eight hours under light (highest temperature).
The blotter paper was moistened with sterilized distilled water and the petri plates were kept in the germinator at 370C temperature with 80% relative humidity.
The rolls, the paper towels, were kept in a germinator set at 30[degrees]C, and daily evaluations, where seeds with radicles > 0.
Petri dishes were placed in germinator at a temperature of 25[degrees]C, relative humidity of 70%, and lightness of 1300 lux.
5) at 30 [degrees]C and relative humidity of 50 to 60% in the absence of light within a germinator CONVIRON[R] and were weighed for periods of 0, 1, 2, 3 , 4, 7, 23, 47, 56, 72, 80 and 96 hours.
Seeds were left to germinate on moist filter paper in Petri dishes, which were placed in germinator TE 400 Tecnal with controlled light and temperature.
5oC in a seed germinator, dried at 60oC for 8hours, dehulled, roasted at 100oC for 2 mints, and milled, after this complementary food formulation samples were developed by mixing the ingredients.
Light was provided by two 115 W cool-white florescent sources vertically oriented on opposite sides of the germinator.