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GESTATION, med. jur. The time during which a female, who has conceived, carries the embryo or foetus in her uterus. By the common consent of mankind, the term of gestation is considered to be ten lunar months, or forty weeks, equal to nine calendar months and a week. This period has been adopted, because general observation, when it could be correctly made, has proved its correctness. Cyclop. of Pract. Med. vol. 4, p. 87, art. Succession of inheritance. But this may vary one, two, or three weeks. Co. Litt. 123 b, Harg. & Butler's, note 190*; Ryan's Med. Jurisp. 121; Coop. Med. Jur: 18; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 203-211; 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 478. See Pregnancy.

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One reads: "Ideas seem to gestate best in a void--when that void is filled it is more difficult to access them.
They gestate for 17 years, then emerge from the ground in search of nothing more than a little companionship, which they've got to find quickly, since they only live a couple weeks.
They gestate in popular culture and are born in everyday slang.
The idea began to seem less like a way to gestate new enterprises and more like an incentive for businesses just outside the zone to avoid some taxes by moving a few blocks down the street.
In the simplest of surrogacy cases, an individual or couple (the contracting or intending parents)(21) contracts with a fertile woman (the surrogate mother) who agrees to be artificially inseminated, often with the contracting parent's sperm, to gestate and deliver the fetus, and to terminate her parental rights at birth.
The embryonic gaur, dubbed "Noah," is also the first cloned animal to gestate in the uterus of another species--an Iowa dairy cow named Bessie.
Nature (from the Latin nasci, meaning "to be born") is more a womb in which we gestate than a divine creation to be subdued, more a home to be sustained than a resource to be exploited.
The Assured Produce Scheme which has been the core of much of the development work for ICM, has taken seven years to gestate.
Simply take some sperm, find an unused womb and watch it gestate.
The company expects to be profitable less than two and a half years after it was launched, well before current financial and industry analyst expectations to gestate a dotcom company in three to five years or longer.