get ready

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She never starts to get ready for luncheon till the last minute.
Let HIM get ready for HIS fate, when that comes about.
Well, I mean to give your watch liberty today, so you may get ready as soon all you please, and go; but understand this, I am going to give you liberty because I suppose you would growl like so many old quarter gunners if I didn't; at the same time, if you'll take my advice, every mother's son of you will stay aboard and keep out of the way of the bloody cannibals altogether.
Catherine took the advice, and ran off to get ready.
com study also found Edinburgh women take longest to get ready.
Since I was not able to get ready for the Major championship season last year, I kind of spent a lot of my energy getting ready for those three events, and it turned out to be pretty good.
The Different Dragon is published by Two Lives Publishing, the only publisher of children's books expressly intended for kids in LGBT families; and so it happens that young Noah has two mothers, one who helps him get ready for bed (though he needs only a little help) and Go-Ma, who invents the tale about The Different Dragon along with him.
And that female vanity can cause friction in relationships, with 15 per cent of men saying they are irritated by the length of time it takes their partner to get ready.