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The event was Hong Kong's first "sausage walk", emulating popular mass dachshund get-togethers in Britain.
Perfect for sharing with the whole family, bring it over for your holiday get-togethers or even have it for your Noche Buena.
We have get-togethers and focus on the positivity of starting a new year.
Through Google+ Hangouts, we're hosting 30 virtual get-togethers in the 30 days of Ramadan, in which celebrity chefs will share their favorite recipes and doctors will give tips on eating healthy," detailed Maha.
The get-togethers are a great way to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, make connections for employment, develop new ideas and discover moments of serendipity.
But my friend keeps trying to organise get-togethers for our families.
The fun get-togethers will be informal with activities to break the ice.
erefore we escaped erefore we escaped umpteen photo calls of First Ladies doing First Lady things and cosy couple get-togethers stunted for the cameras.
Money raised goes towards the fund for Christmas and end of season get-togethers for the players
It's usually impossible to get a word in edgeways when the chatty ex-England Under-21 team-mates hook up for their get-togethers.
Stories are exchanged and friendships formed at these Friday Cut get-togethers.
The website has launched a survival guide for the festive season ahead of get-togethers and office parties.