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The question then is whether this type of Europe--a flexible collection of nation states committed to cooperation but not union--may prove so attractive to the electorates of the euro-zone that deep integration never achieves popular political backing and "enhanced cooperation" among EMU members never gets off the ground.
Masanori Toda, a professor at Hokkaido University involved in the project, said he hopes many volunteers would lend a hand when the project gets off the ground next year.
As the project gets off the ground and the steel chips start flying, the software will track actual costs.
The title's hint of the marine is reinforced by a long open slot in the work's top that turns it into a boat, which gets off the ground by the row of cables that suspend it from the ceiling.
But state laws regarding dispensing of beverage alcohol may make this a target before it gets off the ground, so check it out for yourselves at www.
If this gets off the ground, hopefully it will help pave the way for a better understanding of the vital work emergency services do.
That is if the project to build a massive film studio complex on a former South Wales coalfield gets off the ground.
If this program also gets off the ground, 2003 could be the year of the Wi-Fi.
The Vatican is preparing a point-by-point refutation of the new film, which will be distributed worldwide before the film gets off the ground.
The pioneers of space tourism expect fatalities as the industry gets off the ground, Florida Today reports.
If this barmy idea gets off the ground, they will not only have to cope with a sordid 24-hour business next door but with a never-ending flow of sad and seedy males, and regular visits by drug-dealers - up to 95 per cent of prostitutes are involved in the trade to feed their drug habit.