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Each of his books (the first two being Soon to be a Major Motion Picture and Making a Killing) follow the life of screenwriter Mitchell Draper as he gets stuck in dangerous situations while working on films in Toronto.
But all too often he gets stuck in the soundalike groove that ushers in the likes of The Fight Song (surely a pinch from Blur's Song 2) and Rock Is Dead.
The bad news is that Joel gets stuck in his teen body and has to relive life with his hilariously dysfunctional family.
If a student gets stuck on a word, the software can supply correct pronunciation.
It's the type of song that gets stuck in your head and can only be removed with an ice pick.
If a piece of the Host gets stuck in your teeth, can you poke it with a finger, or do you just wait for it to melt?
A migratory bird that gets stuck with second-rate winter accomodations will achieve only lackluster breeding success the next summer, hundreds or even thousands of miles away, a new study suggests.
7: If 1 gets stuck in the corner with the ball, he may pass to 3 and move inside to double-screen with 5.
Mouse gets stuck in the air; Elephant gets stuck on the ground.
This spliting image of how, then, the trauma of loss "goes" (what's absent is both identified and not seen) is what's along for the drive in acting out, which since World War II has been the overriding label that gets stuck on this mobilization of or access to the shifting border zone between neurosis and psychosis.