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Leah and Miles attempt to keep their happy news secret for now, but it's not long before Coleen gets wind it, and the couple are forced to tell VJ about the pregnancy.
Ricky gets wind of her plan and tells Pat he wants nothing to do with Janine's money and takes a cab to the airport.
Victory celebrations in 1945 Prince Charles lays wreath at cenotaph Bob gets wind up .
Somehow the news reaches the Underworld, where Eurydice's long-lost father gets wind of it and sends a letter of congratulations and regret.
In a matter of days Cornelius gets wind of my "morality police" comment and thinks it's a personal dig at her.
But if the public gets wind of reporting imperfections, she envisions more widespread efforts to eliminate those gaps.
There is nothing you can really do about the situation, if you get an agency to pay upfront, more power to you, but if someone gets wind of it and stops the practice you don't have a contractual leg to stand on.
If, for example, a CFO gets wind of the rumor of an office affair, he or she should dismiss it as much as possible.
As events accelerate, the Pope decides to travel to Newfoundland, CNN gets wind of the hysteria and sends a crew to St.
The NAR is so successful at the federal level because it couples its political contributions with hard-core lobbying from the moment it gets wind of any initiative it doesn't like.
When Grace gets wind of the rumours about her cheating partner, she insists he does a lie detector test to prove his innocence.
They make a pact to live for another six weeks but run into problems when the media gets wind of their unusual deal.