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College-level collections catering to Linux programmers and developers will find The Official Ubuntu Server Book a top addition to the collection, covering a complete, free server operating system in a guide to getting going quickly.
It appears to be a minor thing and we are just getting going with him again.
So vigorous was her performance during the ongoing Scottish tour of The Vagina Monologues that shortly after straddling her chair and getting going - so to speak - the damn chair collapsed underneath her.
Finally getting going by lunch time the next day, we found the pool at another hotel down the street.
The dog, who had the low slung and bouncing step of a dachshund but the coat of a black spaniel, waited patiently at the back of the church until it looked as though things were finally getting going, and then trotted down the aisle just ahead of the assembled bishops, clergy and seminary students who were decked out in white albs and purple coloured stoles to mark the Lenten season.