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We are getting ideas from all over the college - business support staff, lecturers and managers have all got different viewpoints and we get different views on what to do.
It looked like a kind attempt to cheer Nic up, or were they just getting ideas for their next steamy music videos?
Language is a powerful means of communication and getting ideas and feelings across.
Still, while Barry Hearn is busy revolutionising the game he's probably getting ideas from the freezing weather and I expect this event to be replaced with Extreme Snooker by next year.
However, Powell is adamant that no-one in the City dressing room will be getting ideas above their station.
Companies can have Multiwall running in their office and have employees going out and getting ideas from the community and submitting them back to the office.
My friends would soon put my head in a bin if I started getting ideas above my station.
Despite all the doom and gloom over the current economic climate, it was great to see so many business owners and their practice team decide to invest in getting ideas for business development," he said.
I am also getting ideas for my next book that can include this message as well.
As part of a forum meant to push the country further ahead in research and development, Stanford University's Ximena Ares recently made a presentation at the University of Costa Rica on technology transfer, or the process of getting ideas off paper and into practice.
Newark Mayor Cory Booker was among city leaders who also attended town-hall forums focused on getting ideas for school improvements, which were resulting in some "gems," according to the mayor.
Lever, Chester Before you know it ordinary working people will be getting ideas above their station, and demanding to be paid what they know they are worth.