getting less

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The supply was getting less as the animals advanced in calf, and the supernumerary milkers of the lush green season had been dismissed.
The finishing of pants did not take much skill, and anybody could learn it, and so the pay was forever getting less.
Perhaps death would come to her, for she was getting less and less able to bear the day's weariness.
We think this is because they're getting less nicotine from the e-cigs than they were getting from cigarettes,' Foulds said.
The Junior Fine Bedding Company survey of 2064 adults who care for a child aged between two and 11 reveals 57 per cent of kids aged two to four are getting less than the recommended 11.
Plus, regularly getting less sleep than you need brings with it a whole host of possible health issues including heart disease, diabetes and strokes.
net AALTCI: LTCI buyers are getting less inflation protection
MORE than half of UK adults don't meet basic NHS guidelines on physical activity, getting less than 2.
Some of us are still paying full council tax and getting less and less for it, while government gives more and more money away to foreign aid.
It's time the Government put an age limit on tax for all getting less than an agreed sum of pension.
For many years now we always have members of the German Occupation Forces present, but getting less now.
adults reported getting less than six hours of sleep a night.