getting less

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When the mindset is to score, you end up getting less,'' he said.
Per hour, we have some of our people getting less than teachers.
His latest conquest, Justin (Randy Harrison), a youthful innocent getting less innocent by the minute, attends a Catholic high school.
He's getting less than one-third what Davey Johnson made the past two seasons, more than Glenn Hoffman in his interim tenure, and about the same as Bill Russell before that.
In previous studies, women consistently reported getting less and poorer sleep than did men.
But those who got in when Allied floated are getting less than half their cash back.
Just over half are getting more in terms of skill, work product and general effort, and 11 percent feel they are getting less.
Cityhood could mean a burst of support for arts and culture since the Valley would no longer merely be a residential appendage of Los Angeles, they say, pointing to the Valley getting less than 20 percent of city arts funding although it has 37 percent of the population of L.
Is It my imagination, or is Jack Dee getting less deadpan and more relaxed?
Additionally, today's road warriors are burning the midnight oil, getting less sleep on the road compared to when at home.
In the future, Southern California will be getting less Colorado River water.
6 percent of all home sales during the first ten months of this year, sellers ended up getting less for their home than they had purchased it for.