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I only mention it because I am getting spliced on Saturday (sorry ladies - you had your chance) and feel that I should set that young man straight.
But, astonishingly, and purely by way of coincidence, even while Fal and Val are tieing the knot, his former caddie will simultaneously be getting spliced back home in Scandinavia.
The Everton skipper will be getting spliced to fiancee Debbie in the Caribbean while his Scotland team- mates tackle the Faroes and the Czechs in a critical Euro 2000 qualifying double- header next month.
Then there was the pounds 400,000 Edinburgh had to cough up because Zara Tindall, nee Phillips, decided she rather fancied getting spliced in Scotland's capital, despite neither she nor her groom actually living anywhere near.
But pals confirmed the couple WOULD be getting spliced.