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GETTING stuck on the Tube is not pleasant at any time, but imagine how awful it would be at Christmas, in a packed carriage -and with the Harpers for company.
I remember driving across 92nd Street and getting stuck behind a garbage truck," says Francis Patrelle as he recalled the impetus for creating his Yorkville Nutcracker.
Fast drivers and the chance of getting stuck in a traffic jam are also persuading people to find other routes.
Because they are so hard to clean, tartar and plaque build-up, combined with food getting stuck underneath the gum can cause cavities, infection and inflammation.
Allow them to tell you if they hear you getting stuck in blaming your ex-employer, your outplacement counselor, or the human resources people that aren't beating down your door to hire you.
When pensioner Mr Bill Walton and his friends want to go out for a curry they have no fears about getting stuck in traffic - they just sail down the canal on his barge.
Wallis is an advocate of not getting stuck in using labels like "left" or "right" and has searched for "common ground" on issues like abortion and race relations.
The fact that the proposed law will be easily sidestepped, thus resulting in customers' getting stuck with hidden charges unrelated to the costs their transactions incur, is simply not of interest to consumer advocates.
This kept the nut from getting stuck to the bolt - and vice-versa.
But at the same time we're seeing lenders who are terrified of getting stuck with a big EPA-mandated clean up on a property, take the coverage, too.
Only by getting stuck in a groove on the war record of psychoanalysis could pep analysis advance the actors out of delinquency and deviance as the true veterans of the 20th century's psychological war efforts.
The drilling engineer strongly recommended that the company cease drilling beyond 7500 feet because of concerns for losing drill pipe and other expensive tools by getting stuck in the hole.

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