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Would he not have found a spark of humanity somewhere in the sadistic ghastliness that West portrays?
The Archbishop acknowledged that there was a great deal of evil and ghastliness in the world today.
The ceremony--including masqued priests; the half-naked executioners; the bandaged criminals; the black Christ and his banner; the scaffold; the soldiery; the slow procession, and the quick rattle and heavy fall of the axe; the splash of the blood, and the ghastliness of the exposed heads--is altogether more impressive than the vulgar and ungentlemanly "new drop," and dog-like agony of infliction upon the sufferers of the English sentence.
Certainly, the win was deserved and there is a general belief that Capello will get it right, that anything he does has to be an improvement on the Steve McClaren era - the true ghastliness of which will only really sink in when Euro 2008 kicks off while the Three Lions lick their wounds on an unscheduled summer off.
The ghastliness of warfare is seen through their shocked eyes, spiced with the horrors particular to urban conflict with terrorists who look like the people they are trying to protect.
The racecourse success has meant a bit of rule-bending at Frenchay, a remarkable hospital that pans gold out of ghastliness and brought my own youngest daughter back from the other side of hopelessness.
None of this ghastliness, Barr none, has gone unnoticed by defenders of correct speech.
In general, however, museums led the way in architectural ghastliness.
The novels' complicity with the processes of globalization blunts their vision of the ghastliness of much contemporary Angolan life.
His book would need to be unremittingly horrible so as to expose the sheer ghastliness of totalitarianism.
There is abundant evidence in the record that Eisenhower was fully aware of the ghastliness of nuclear war and publicly supported the process of arms control.