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The raindrops hitting the roof of the blind made it difficult to hear, but Coues deer are ghostlike, and you seldom hear them coining anyway.
These ghostlike sculptures present a very powerful image, upon which people can place their First World War stories, almost like lighting a candle in a church.
Hovering above this scene was a hokey representation of the artist's spirit: a ghostlike drapery of white tulle, no doubt an allusion to his 1969 installation The Ghost of James Lee Byars.
As Brite explicitly suggests, Trevor's artist persona gives the relationship of dead father and ghostlike son the additional dimension of brothers in spirit (DB 327).
Neutrinos are ghostlike particles that interact very rarely with the rest of the universe.
Even the bright spirits appear ghostlike to us because a ghost of any type is one whose substance does not belong in or come from this world.
Satire, however, was not finally the point of "New England Reformers," for midway through the essay Emerson acknowledges that reform of the mind is necessary, and that is the province of "the scholar," another of his assumed guises, and he acknowledges, yet again, the disconnection from the world around him that he occasionally felt: "We are weary of gliding ghostlike through the world, which is itself so slight and unreal"--language that echoes "Experience" (CW 3:161).
This exhibition presents us with several possible responses to this dilemma, whether explored through the residue left on hefty glass petri dishes consisting of the dirt and debris, usually calibrated as part of a coin's value, cleaned from 50,000 copper coins (Weight) or the discoloured patina of a copper well marked by the ghostlike traces of two-pence pieces tossed into its once water-filled bowl (Well).
Over past years visitors to the Victorian park in Gateshead have become rather spoiled by the light-and-sound spectacular, with ghostlike figures emerging from evening shadows to act out little vignettes in a fantasy world where voices whisper confidences in their e ar, illuminations dazzle amongst the trees and weirdly wonderful sights grab the attention.
Calling the NLL an "illegal, ghostlike line," the spokesman warned that South Korea's "desperate efforts to preserve the illegal 'northern limit line' will bring only death to them.
Some are even pushing for areas of the DMZ to be opened to allow the ghostlike South Korean tigers to cross over to breed with counterparts in the North.