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Despite their ghostlike ephemerality, they possessed an uncanny humanity, their glass eyes enlivening serene expressions.
Last summer, I had Barn Owls nesting across the road from me in Garden City flying ghostlike at night showing bright white in the dark and calling like banshees.
The situation is so bad for some that they even have ghostlike appearances.
The works Boghossian's made using smoke alone can be more allusive, as onlookers seek recognizable forms in the play of light upon ghostlike smoke residue.
They are ghostlike, ephemeral, nebulous: you can see their shapes, yet it's hard to say where their forms begin and end.
While these kinds of observations and interpretations are fascinating, without a strong sense of their personal and professional personalities, the four artists remain rather ghostlike.
A series of his cockpit's-eye views made throughout the war are complemented by some Second World War plane paintings, including Eric Ravilious's View from the Cockpit of a Moth (1942), in which the fuselage of the plane is ghostlike and almost absent.
Made a National Historic Landmark in 1963, Oriskany Battlefield has a somber, ghostlike quality about it.
These ghostlike sculptures present a very powerful image, upon which people can place their First World War stories, almost like lighting a candle in a church.
Lampposts gossamer shadows in one image and looming ghostlike in another illustrate another dimension of the life of the street.