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Such narrative foreshadowing is, in fact, part of a larger textual strategy that works to convey Hassan's ghostliness.
Arms flashing, and a military glare Of riotous men commissioned to expel The blameless Inmates; and belike subvert That frame of social being, which so long Had bodied forth the ghostliness of things In silence visible, and perpetual calm.
Calling a child's alienation an "analogon of Genius" only figures the inequality between child and adult in a positive way, turning ghostliness into refinement.
The two lovers, in the light of day, take on a ghostliness that brings them closer in line to Adeline:
This year's production will retain the ghostliness but balance it with a little light.
The ghostliness of the spinster is less to do with her visibility than with her legibility within heteronormative terms; she is not invisible so much as unseen by those for whom her meaning has no significance.
5) In a (post)colonial context, Gothic themes of duality and ghostliness, which engender terror and uncertainty in the reader or viewer, are fundamentally associated with the threat of disorder, a loss of sell unstable power relationships, bodily terrors, and the settler's or colonizer's feelings of displacement and homelessness.
What is fictitious to the point of ghostliness is the plenitude of the objective realities and subjective identities so given: this essay formulates a problem the fiction then explores chiefly with reference to Italy.
For example, while she takes on Hartman's famous argument in Wordsworth's Poetry, 1787-1814, she appears to be unfamiliar with his later essays on Wordsworth, several of which address the same theological ghostliness that interests Westbrook.
Overexposed in the darkroom and shot through an antique lens, the photograph conveys a thick air of ghostliness, or other worldliness.
To the extent therefore that the singing and dancing of wangga embodies ghostliness, it too can be seen as part of the coercive process.