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Staff got into the spirit dressing as ghoulish nurses and witches and decorated the home with pumpkins and skulls.
Annabel, boss of the Conjurer's Kitchen baking company, admitted there's always a whisk when trying something new, although the basic principles were the same as those used on her more ghoulish creations.
Visitors will be able to work with professional special effects make-up artists to perfect their ghoulish glamour, then at the end of the day the zombies will limp, stagger and drag their way through the gallery.
After learning that ghouls and Normies once loved to spend Halloween together, Frankie Stein and her pals decide to turn back the clock and use the night to celebrate their ghoulish individuality.
Whether you stuff your sandwich with spider-like ingredients, smother them with blood red jam or pile them high with olives for eyeballs, Brace's wants to hear your ideas for ghoulish grub.
Little girls seem to find their slightly ghoulish look great fun.
Pop them in, mould them to your mouth and, when the opportune moment arrives, give the tongue bar a flick and your ghoulish gnashers will appear.
n Gruesome quests and ghoulish crafts at Coughton Court, Alcester, Warwickshire.
People should be ashamed of what happened at Narrow Water, there should be no attempt to glorify or do a ghoulish gloat.
WITH reference to the ECHO letter 'Supermarket creep' (Sept 20), I too can also confirm that my two-year-old son has also been traumatised by the ghoulish and very sinister butler at the Asda supermarket in Brom borough.
Creepy characters, including the grotesque singing plague victims, ghoulish grave diggers and strange hermit of the crypt, will roam the castle, recounting spooky tales to young and old.