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I shouted for her; whatever it was giggled ghoulishly and ran down an alley faster than my eye could track.
Or did she misread the invitation to Heidi Klum's ghoulishly A-list New York bash and think it had a fairytale theme instead?
Master of the macabre Tim Burton delivers a ghoulishly funny animation charting the love affair between a nave young man and a dead woman.
Less ghoulishly, business partner and hot air balloonist Kevin Graham describes the Black Horse Inn as "an opportunity" but keeping his feet on the ground is difficult.
You are not gawping ghoulishly - you are seeing the consequences of one driver's actions.
Nine years after the death of Nicholas, the Lynches discovered his heart and lung had been removed without their consent and ghoulishly kept in a glass jar.
What it won't have is scary or ghoulishly dressed Halloween revelers.
Seeds for a revolution are planted every time a weary worker returns home, slumps in front of the television and emits a morbid groan at the sight of another ghoulishly dreadful programme about home decoration techniques.
Put a glass of milk, a chopped kiwi fruit, a scoop of mint choc chip ice cream into a blender and whiz together for a ghoulishly green smoothie.
Since the living did not want to be possessed, they left their houses dark, cold and undesirable that night and people would dress ghoulishly to scare away the ``shopping'' spirits.
They are ghoulishly drawn to their plight, frantically flicking to the stocks page in the vain hope their investment has grown or at least stopped shrinking so fast.
For the rave-impaired, the Night of the Living E-Heads was a technodystopian white freak feeding ghoulishly off the soulless locations where it has taken root--like Long Island's mall-soaked South Shore.