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A "symbiotic X-ray binary" 6 a star system made up of a red giant star and a neutron star 6 is extremely rare.
In this study, the researchers discovered the surface of the giant star π1Gruis had a complex convective pattern and the typical granule measured 1.
suggests that the late-type giant star is roche lobe filling, and that the outbursts are driven by an unsteady disc accretion, although this model has yet to reproduce the observed broad P Cygni profile.
Astronomers have found an indirect way to discern the strength of magnetic fields within red giant stars.
The majority of known planets moving around giant stars have large and circular orbits.
Stars like our Sun expand and cool to become red giant stars when the hydrogen that fuels the nuclear fusion in their cores starts to run out.
Burst of light Images from the Palomar Observatory in California show a giant star exploding (bottom).
Perhaps this was due to Joel's impressive recent outside broadcast for the kids' TV show, where he was given the job of going up in a crane to apply the giant star to the top of Trafalgar Square's huge Christmas tree.
Community volunteers worked with artist Adam Strickson at the weekend to create a giant star using natural materials found at the Lower Spen Nature Reserve, between Dewsbury Moor and Ravensthorpe.
The sun is about half-way through its life in its current phase as a main sequence star, and about 5 billion years from now, it will expand into a red giant star.
No giant star had ever been discovered with copious amounts of dust in its planetary system," Melis says.
Astronomers have used a very long Chandra observation of the remnant of Kepler's supernova to deduce that the supernova was triggered by an interaction between a white dwarf and a red giant star.