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When it launches tonight, Gibberish will occupy the same area of the Baltic Market quarter where Kiosk, Dockleaf and Crafty Mindedin can currently be found.
Group II: Gibberish group (With practicing Gibberish meditation technique just prior to teaching sessions) which comprised of 47 students who were instructed by the first author (RS) to follow the technique of mediation for 10 minutes after which the same topic was taught for one hour by the same teacher, as taught to group I.
Those theories are just gibberish frantically dreamed up to invent some meaning for the Second Amendment other than what it means.
A TOP legal watchdog admitted to her boss she was talking gibberish - because of a hangover.
In English the "Pupils and staff entrance" sign at St Joseph's Catholic and Anglican School was rendered gibberish in Welsh.
On the other hand, the substantial reading would have it that some nonsensical propositions, those exemplified in Wittgenstein's writing for example, may be distinct from mere gibberish by directing our attention to otherwise ineffable metaphysical truths.
THE inane gibberish of D Cox (Voice of the North, January 24) is absolutely typical of the attitude of anti-hunting idiocy.
She spoke hypothetical gibberish and wondered, "What if Jack Nicholson's the only one who understands me?
At times the hurtling and semaphoric arms started up a kind of conversation, but the exchanges remained gibberish.
A splog (from "spam blow") is a bogus blow website containing nothing but gibberish and advertisements.
How the heck can you write a play in gibberish and have people understand it?
For anyone whose e-mail looks like gibberish, whose own Internet Service Provider treats them like a spammer, and who wants to protect children from X-rated Web content, a veteran computer writer/editor offers tips for getting smarter online and even getting live technical assistance.