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In Gesture-Based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction: International Gesture Workshop, LNAI 1739, Annelies Braffort, James Richardson, Rachid Gherbi, Sylvie Giber, and Daniel Teil (eds.
4) Richard Gauthier and David Giber, "Coaching Business Leaders," in Coaching for Leadership, ed.
En concreto podemos hablar de tres de estos alcaides como socios comerciales del rey, segun se desprende de las operaciones recogidas por Francesco Spinola: este Argozil, el alcaide Yucef Aben Giber y el alcaide Nebil.
These experiences are documented in detail in Giber et al.
The fair has been amazing this year, it's definitely an indication of recovery in the market, and we can confirm that from March onwards we have begun to see the first encouraging signs," said Giorgio Giardini, chief executive officer of Giber and one of the fair's organizers.
Atlys Release 10s features include support for all major network standards, including CDMA, GSM, TDMA and AMPS; GPRS support; scalabiity; modular architecture; customer care, including Web-based selfcare; IP-enabled real-time processing; support for next-generation convergent services with flexible event-based real-time rating; industry-standard roaming, such as GIBER and TAP3; and integrated network-based pre-paid and postpaid support.
GIBER invites and organizes visits by executives from other regions of the globe to meet with local firms in pre-identified sectors.
Giber & Moore (1998) also address the issue that educators must know the features of web learning.
And GIBER staffers can offer answers to specific questions about a particular country or industry sector.