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EG -- Ford 2, Bonilla 5, Gibes 3, Hatfield 3, Guerra, Farmer 2.
Times ' TV critic Robert Lloyd picked up on Kelly's awkward gibes in his review, writing that she had "an intensely cheery, manic first-date energy".
Synopsis: In general terms, a heckler is a person who harasses and tries to disconcert others with questions, challenges, or gibes.
As mentioned for under Section 212 of the Compact of Free Association with the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the United States gibes payments for military usage and executing rights on Kwajelein Island and Atoll.
If ever a title lent itself to ridicule, it's this one, although the show works pretty hard to earn the gibes.
The release of the taped conversations of Anglo Irish bank executives taking gibes against Germany after having received bailout funds from the European Union, have added credence to German wariness to extend help to countries impacted by the euro crisis.
Perry's gibes at Romney used in Obama campaign ad (Fort Worth Star-Telegram): "The Obama re-election team is fighting fire with fire, or Republican with Republican, in a video ad that uses clips from the GOP debates to attack presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.
The English comic ruffled feathers at past shows with controversial gibes aimed at Hollywood's elite, but he seemed to tone down his close-to-the-knuckle jokes for the 69th annual Globes ceremony.
The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that it was not the game that offended him, but the anti-Semitic gibes that went with it.
If the gibes wind Woods up, it could undermine morale.
The new power plant, which is a continuation of Gibe I uses water from Gibe I to the Omo river to exploit the large altitude difference between the two Gibes.
personal gibes and cheap laughs can within the right context, provide thought provoking analysis of political issues; one need only peruse Private Eye to understand this.