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As excited as he was about the prospects for duck hunting in the Central Flyway this season, Murano was even giddier about the honkers.
in deference to the safety of other road users - having wisely deduced that the rheumatic goldfish in our bowl had a better prospect of scaling the giddier heights of trigonometry than I had of mastering the wheel.
BLACKBURN, England, December 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The festive season is fast-approaching and while kids are getting giddier by the day, Christmas can often bring a sense of sheer consternation for adults across the UK.
This afternoon Barry Dawes, Managing Director of Martin Place securities made an even stronger call and suggested that gold could reach even giddier heights
But the firefighters I spoke to yesterday appeared giddier with the prospect of doing something that they believe will help people live a more fulfilling life.