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which continues rising giddily to ever-new heights.
Married to Ann, who he giddily eyed up while both were teaching in Tullamore Vocational school, they celebrated their wedding on a saturday but, being the weekend before Galway, any prospect of a honeymoon had to wait a week as the happy couple headed west for the races.
I don't remember there being a clamour for tickets; you didn't aspire to go camping unless you were a giddily enthusiastic member of the guides.
THE MUPPETS Director James Bobin, Jason Segel and Amy Adams team for a gentle, loving rebirth for Kermit and pals, filled with those schmaltzy, toe-tapping Muppet tunes and giddily corny gags.
We watched giddily over breakfast as the beam directly over the banquet table began to curve downward in the middle.
with Jools Holland (BBC2, 10pm) Adele has risen giddily to stardom since she first appeared on Jool's show back in 2007.
The parakeet scratchily rustled its wings as it joined the ducks, swooping onto the surface of the water with a thud, riding along for a brief moment before flying off giddily to join the gulls.
A Hendrix-inspired Flying V guitar hangs on the wall alongside framed copies of NME articles, while a rainbow swirls giddily across the ceiling past a cascading light in the form of a human figure.
lt;p>These issues were easier to ignore when we were giddily realizing 10:1 server consolidation ratios and driving utilization rates from below 20% to 50% or more, but it is time to holistically assess where we are today.
Two object Oldenburg-like sculptures of carved industrial urethane foam were winning curiosities, but as when there is a massive Serra sculpture in a group show, it was hard to look beyond the room-dominating machismo of Chamberlain's giddily bombastic car pieces.
I was 81 and he 88, but we were as giddily in love as any two teenagers.
Scholl's contract to rival firm Leo Burnett, as Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) 7/8 who really needs to tone down the schadenfreude or Don's gonna clock him 7/8 almost giddily informs him.