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For her part, Mariam Alghawi, Director of the Gifted Welfare Department at the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Educational Award, said: "Discovering and supporting Emirati talent is the primary goal of the Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Giftedness & Creativity.
A simple definition of giftedness is demonstrating a performance or the capacity for performance that significantly exceeds age or grade-level expectations, according to one school district's gifted and talented education program.
Training teachers to determine giftedness in diverse populations can make programs more inclusive.
The original form of the questionnaire was developed by Vladut, Vialle, and Ziegler (2015), based on the Actiotope Model of Giftedness.
Most scholars reference some form of unique intellectual abilities as characteristic of giftedness (Feldhusen, 1989).
Gifted education is founded on theoretical perspectives and empirical studies, but like all fields, significant shifts in thinking about giftedness have occurred as a result of key research findings (see Passow & Frasier, 1996, for a more complete history of gifted education).
The term giftedness can also refer to a personality structure that is responsible for a child's level of performance.
Funding for research on giftedness has ebbed and flowed over the decades.
Nonverbal assessments such as the UNIT and NNAT-2 reduce language loading, but risk missing giftedness that has been crystalized into verbal forms.
The mathematical giftedness may be conceptualised in different ways (Wieczerkowski, Cropley & Prado, 2000).
Summary: Shaikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, opened Giftedness 2012, the 12th edition of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday.
It is the first time the event, the 12th edition of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness, is being held in the Middle East.