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Upon another examination of the remains and photographs of the bones, researchers found Sa-Nakht may have had one of the first known cases of gigantism disorder.
One of the main drivers of the acromegaly and gigantism market during the forecast period will be the increased use of somatostatin analogs with better administration or dosing regimens; due to the recent focus on improving patient convenience for this chronic disease area.
Renaud includes a straight-forward definition of gigantism on page 14, although it might have been better positioned earlier in the text.
The term was extended to include focal gigantism in the upper extremity in 1968.
Yet, this apparent paradox may explain the evolutionary advantage of gigantism in trees.
Perhaps it is his sheer gigantism - this was the largest orchestra Opera North have ever fielded in Huddersfield - or perhaps it is the required feats of virtuosity, which were all performed excellently here.
Gary, who suffers from the rare disease of gigantism Acromegaly, is also a well-known sculptor and has had work exhibited nationally.
Jinny died of gigantism at her Jiggins Lane home and the four schoolboys tasked with carrying her coffin remarked how light it seemed.
Hypersecretion leads to gigantism in the young and to acromegaly in the adults, caused usually by a pituitary adenoma.
The local Xin'an Evening News did not give the cause of death but said in a report that Yao suffered from gigantism, with a tumor on her pituitary gland disrupting her levels of growth hormone.
As for the EU presidency, it has fuelled our gigantism and delusions of grandeur.