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Girlhood for these characters signifies resistance, change, and self-fashioning; they embody the multiple possibilities signaled by the label of "girl.
Finally, in perhaps the most vivid instance of a revolutionary approach to girlhood research, Stephanie Fisher, Jennifer Jenson, and Suzanne de Castell, in their fascinating chapter, "Dynamic (Con)Texts: Close Readings of Girls' Video Gameplay," go beyond lamenting the current status of girl gamers as "marginalized and pinkified" (267), beyond simply "observing and reporting on girls' gameplay in the typical context of gameplay, where males have the advantage" (270).
After reminding readers that the historical Queen Isabelle married Richard II in 1396, when she was seven and he twenty-nine, Williams invites us to imagine 'Shakespeare's version of this character through her historical counterpart, no longer glossing over the reality of her age, and instead consider how Shakespeare's dramatization of medieval child marriage both challenges our expectations about girlhood and broadens our understanding of medieval and early modern girls as dramatic characters, as well as historical individuals' (53).
George approaches the history of girls and girlhood through the lens of labour, focusing on the constitutive relationship between gender, class, generation, and work.
These women, who differed from their would-be girl beneficiaries in almost every respect, including class, religion, education and sometimes language, would come to define the ideal parameters of all girlhood.
Doing so requires the utilization and deployment of a "disciplined imagination," a tool of cultural studies and social history that fosters "new ways of looking at and using sources and scraps that might otherwise be discarded by historians" lacking a focus on black girls and girlhood, explains Simmons.
I have and will continue to campaign against the pinkification of girlhood because I want choice for girls and for boys, to let colours be colours," she said.
In many communities, the partial removal of a woman's external genitalia is part of the traditional rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood.
The last two decades or so have witnessed the emergence of an important and wide-ranging new field: Girlhood (or Girls') Studies.
Nice Girls Still Don't Get the Corner Office comes from the president of Corporate Coaching International, a popular speaker and executive coach who reveals a set of behaviors women learn in girlhood that can affect their adulthood.
Inside Madeleine is an honest and urgent collection, one that examines girlhood, a yearning to move beyond Midwestern trashiness, domesticity all grown up and in the very real of the contemporary.
A SAD aspect of British girlhood is that even little children are asked by pimply youths to send pictures of themselves nude.