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GIRTH., A girth or yard is a measure of length. The word is of Saxon origin, taken from the circumference of the human body. Girth is contracted from girdeth, and signifies as much as girdle. See Ell.

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For example, if the horse measures 75 inches around the heart girth, and body length is 64 inches:
So gnarled is the trunk that it is difficult to measure its girth, but this is probably around 36 feet (11m).
A series of anthropometric tests were carried out on each participant these included skinfolds, girth measurements, lower limb length, height and weight.
With a 10-inch girth, the pinckneya just makes the 3-inch-diameter requirement to be a tree but soars 5 feet above the 13-foot height minimum.
Once you've satisfied her with lots of sex play she won't worry about your girth.
So, according to Jim Macaluso, the manufacturing project leader for the TL, foam pieces were crafted to mimic the girth of the new model and then attached to a 2003 TL before it went down the assembly line.
Completed in nine hours over three sittings, Herkomer's portrait depicts an expansive, genial figure at the height of his powers with a prominent Toby Belch-like girth.
The girth of the 140ft high tree measures a staggering 190ft.
Barges move to and from Alexandria on river systems all across the middle girth of the country, and beyond--across the Gulf of Mexico to the nations of Central America.
Usual girth measurements include neck, chest, biceps, forearm, waist, hip, thigh, and calf.
Measure the circumference of the heart girth just behind the front legs.
Looking at the muscles and solid girth of my grandma's neck, I always secretly fantasized that she must have been some famous athlete in her younger, healthier days.