give amnesty

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He also appealed to the army chief to give amnesty to the Mohajir youths on the same pattern as the government did to the youths in Balochistan.
The NLC has promised to give amnesty to those who surrender title deeds of public land.
The pubic is in a dilemma as to whether President Ivanov has the right to give amnesty to the six MPs accused of the events on the 27th of April, because from a legal point of view, there is one sticky situation, which derives from the fact that in article 11, the Law for Amnesty is erased, hence, although the Constitutional court abolished this law there are other legal possibilities, explains lawyer Zvonko Davidovic.
Ariel Casilao said they continue to 'invoke (Duterte's) previous commitment last May that he is very willing to give amnesty for all political prisoners.
On Trump's claim that "Hillary wants to give amnesty .
These are the different issues that the government can neither ignore nor give amnesty to Mallya just because he offers to pay a part of the loan," says Gupta.
CARACAS, Venezuela, Rajab 01, 1437, April 08, 2016, SPA -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has vetoed legislation that would give amnesty to activists the opposition considers political prisoners, according to AP.
Several independent analysts agree with the government that the opposition lost its only chance of ultimate success when it submitted a hastily written bill, without taking care of some aspects that, according to the government, would give amnesty to people condemned of crimes ineligible for prison release.
The Government continues to give amnesty to the armed youth to come back home and abandon the rebellion, theft, rape and killing of innocent people.
Baghdad / NINA /--Iraqi Forces coalition called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to give amnesty for innocent detainees who were arrested by suspicions.
In March, he urged Iranian officials to give amnesty to US prisoners in honor of the Nowruz holiday that marks the beginning of the Persian calendar.
In the political arena, Congressional Republicans and Democrats have been at odds over President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration that would give amnesty to delay deportation to up to five million undocumented immigrants in the US.