give an answer

See: respond, return
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Rosamond became serious too, and slightly meditative; in fact, she was going through many intricacies of lace-edging and hosiery and petticoat-tucking, in order to give an answer that would at least be approximative.
It doesn't matter what other numbers you choose, because anything multiplied by 0 will give an answer of 0.
Instead of lying to ourselves with the mentioning of the constitutional name, we need to ask the Government to give an answer on whether there is still a chance to overcome the issue without our identity being jeopardized and find a mutually acceptable solution, Najdovski comments.
Meanwhile, Albanian academician Muzafer Korkuti announced publishing of Albanian encyclopedia dictionary in English language, which will give an answer about the Albanian history.
As we near Remembrance Day, we can know God will give an answer of peace to all who grieve, and to all still involved in conflict.
If I dare to speak this name joyfully, lost to every trace of shame, he may give an answer.
Engage the student in dialogue Instead of asking students to just give an answer, encourage them to explain their understanding of the material and how they arrived at the answer.
What I wanted was a public debate and a public vote, so the members have to go back and give an answer to the rank-and-file Republicans who sent them here,'' Lambert said.
Vele Mitanovski comments for Utrinski Vesnik that SDSM's Congress is being held in a specific atmosphere and with many hopes because it must give an answer not only to the question who the new leader will be but also about the directions of the future partisan operation.
Minister of Labor and Social Policy Xhelal Bajrami on Sunday refused to give an answer on how far are the preparations for adopting the rulebook on the status of the NLA fighters and their families.
The purpose was to give an answer which in itself was true.
In this context, the competent institutions must give an answer to the question: how much longer will this nationalistic aggression be tolerated, that is to say, ignored?