give assent

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Suppose the teacher has two students, both willing to give assent to Christ, yet one of them "holds fast to his own will" rather than the will of the teacher.
General public prayer ``calls upon God on behalf of the particular public gathered; avoids individual petitions,'' ``uses forms and vocabulary that allow persons of different faiths to give assent to what is said,'' and ``uses universal, inclusive terms for deity rather than particular proper names for divine manifestations.
There comes the time when they must give assent in intellect and will to the faith they received before their reason developed.
In the area of research with children, the parent or legal guardian must give consent for the child to participate in the research, but the child should also give assent.
While it would be hard to find a common creed to which all the contributors could give assent, it is encouraging that all of them are firmly committed to belief in a God who matters, who cares, and who can be encountered.
In classical rhetoric the plain style is the lowest of the traditional three levels of style, and as such, Auski correctly observes, is not greatly valued, although he never really grasps the converse point, that the high style was more estimated because of its greater efficiency in movere, moving the listeners' or readers' souls to give assent (note the conspicuous absence of this point on 34 and 53).
It called for the congregation to join the priest in the recital of the Creed as an opportunity for the people "to respond and give assent to the word of God which they have heard.
With the spellbound Pheoby at her side, Janie struggles to find her voice and, equally important, an audience that will give assent to her testimony.
A delegation of BJP leaders will meet President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday and request him not to give assent to the " unconstitutional" measure.
All of that leads to an understanding that ultimately the kind of government to which we give assent is inseparable from who are and the way we relate to each other, including the least of those among us.
He was responding to a question seeking the reasons behind refusal to give assent to GUJCOCA, 2003.
Or because as a society we give assent to subverting the Constitution and undermining democratic processes when those in authority deem it in our best interests?