give attention

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Umiya urged the political parties and armed forces to give attention to the Homeland.
Whilst Haggerty will give attention on marine and energy reinsurance contracts, the international property and weather, exclusive the US market, will be under the management of Warwick.
NNA - MP Antoine Zahra underscored the necessity to give attention to both items: the parliamentary elections law and the restoration of identity, saying that such items "should be put as priorities regarding any urgent legislative work.
He said the government should give attention to hydropower projects in order to produce cheaper electricity.
Shah Mahmood Qureshi appealed that a well reputed Chief Minister should be brought in Sindh, who could give attention towards the prosperity and development of Karachi city.
Prof Francis, co-editor and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) at Northumbria said: ""In examining the nature and extent of invisible crime and social harms, our approach has been to give attention to a number of acts that often seem opaque, and to provide an organising framework that challenges a number of commonly held beliefs and ways of thinking about crime, harm, victimisation, regulation and crime control.
The demand the concerned authorities to give attention to Lower Kurram Agency and help the affectees because the infrastructure in the Agency is destroyed, schools, hospital, electricity and jungle of the area were destroyed.
The Prime Minister also urged the officials to give attention to the zakat (alms) as another obligation for Muslims and to spread public awareness on its importance in enhancing social solidarity and dealing with poverty, stressing the role of the Zakat Fund in that respect.
Umpiring is never easy amongst technology paraphernalia and PCB should give attention to this field as well by giving central contracts to the top umpires of the country so that Pakistani umpires continue winning laurels for the country," the Nation quoted Dar, as saying.
I request authorities not to turn away from this request and please consider this case as important and give attention.
They also give attention to the mental health and physical safety of the case workers.
Ministers claim they are hoping to cut "unnecessary" appointments and make savings of pounds 1billiona-year while still allowing doctors to give attention to the most seriously ill.