give attention to

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My intention is to give attention to physicality (and aesthetics) as a way of rethinking the classroom transference of information by giving brief attention to an extreme example of this -- attention to the body in the classroom.
At camp you move quickly to the next activity and often just give attention to problems.
You give attention to the medical needs, to the emotional needs, and to the spiritual needs of those recently removed from the battlefield.
As an integrative medical practitioner, I give attention to all of the potential non-physical aspects that feed fatigue, but I primarily focus on the physical factors.
Ellison also does not give attention to the International Sunday School Union.
Successful running requires that you give attention to your recovery needs.
Otherwise, the authors give attention to many of the problems which do trouble relations between Euro-America and the Islamic world.
continue to give attention to political developments on the island and continue "to observe the manner in which the U.
The effort will also give attention to essential elements such as public safety, recreation facilities, retail opportunities, transportation, secure streets, cultural outlets and quality schools that are necessary for a neighborhood to thrive.
MQM sources said that if the government would not give attention to the current situation and would not resolve the reservations of MQM then MQM will again adopt the way of protest in the whole country along with Karachi.
He advised the traders to give attention to export non-traditional items, which would help double the export volume.
Chief of the South Ethiopia Peoples' State, Dessie Dalke urged the leadership at various levels to give attention to the enhancement of quantity and quality of coffee export for a better earning of foreign currency.