give authority

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Duterte said the order would give authority for security forces to make arrests and thwart terrorists from making a foothold in the central Philippines.
The instructions give authority to the Ministry to unify and reorganize the structure of the Peshmarga forces as well as prohibiting any party activities henceforward.
Edith Mwale, telecom analyst at Africa Center for ICT Development, stated : 'The AU convention will help move faster the harmonization of cyberlaws and give authority to countries to arrest and prosecute cybercriminals regardless of where the offense was committed.
A report to go in front of councillors recommends that the council should procure the development of the cinema and aS ssociated retail units directly and councillors give authority to prudentially borrow up to pounds 5m to fund the proposal.
The Supreme Court has been requested to give authority of taking legal action against fake degree holder parliamentarians to Chief Election Commission.
Opponents argued it will give authority to religious communities over cities and citizens.
But in exchange, they would give authority at EU level for more GM varieties.
1 : to give power to : give authority to <Their guardian is authorized to act for them.
Perversely, the same board is to be asked to give authority to sell council houses in adjoining streets such as Morpeth Road and Bingley Road into the private sector to enable repairs and improvements to these houses to be carried out.
If you thought that President Bush's plan to give authority over crucial U.
Mr Martin went on: "I do know that some MPs give authority to another MP to put their name on such a motion.
To the Church at Thyatira, he writes, "And to him who overcomes, and who keeps my works unto the end, I will give authority over the nations" (Apoc 2:26).