give birth

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Alan Farthing, Middleton's Ob-Gyn, was supposed to file for retirement last year, but the 54-year-old decided to postpone it so he could give birth to Middleton's third child.
Once my aunt had two women in labor at the same time and I had to help one of them give birth," Salma said.
As the girls grow up, mothers give birth in front of them so that they can learn how to handle the situation," she added.
Women aged 35 to 39 were most likely to give birth at home (3.
But if successful, it is thought that the two 58-year-olds would be the oldest to give birth following IVF in the UK.
Studies have shown women who give birth at home are more likely to breast-feed and less likely to suffer from post-natal depression.
A PREGNANT woman had to be driven 50 miles up the M1 to a hospital in Nottingham after being told she couldn't give birth in Coventry.
Women should be given more information about the risks and benefits of where to give birth, the Government's health watchdog said yesterday.
The Kumars star is due to give birth at London's Portland Hospital in December and is busy decorating a nursery at her pounds 1 million South Woodford home.
2) The STD infection rate was stable for teenagers who did not give birth during the follow-up period, but increased between six and nine months postpartum among females who gave birth, especially among those who acquired new partners.
The giant panda, Qing Qing, is expected to give birth to another baby shortly, according to Yu Jianqiu, vice director of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center.