give close attention

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They have an attractive range of software products and they give close attention to their clients.
TIHR and IPHR encourage the Committee on the Rights of the Child to give close attention to the issues highlighted in TIHR's report and to request the Turkmen Government to account in detail for its policies in these areas, as well as its lack of progress on recommendations made by the Committee eight years ago.
England give close attention to the Durham pitch during yesterday's nets session at Chester-le-Street
Regarding attention, the children answered questions such as how often they "fail to give close attention to details or make careless mistakes" in their work or "blurt out answers before questions have been completed.
The resolution limits the time for delivery of presidential reports to 24 hours, hoping the quick deadline will cause the president to give close attention to the likely reaction of Congress.
For businesses using Tweets as an advertising medium, they should give close attention to comments made about competitors to avoid potential future claims being brought against them.
It is an area that we will continue to give close attention to in 2010.
Shaikh Mohammad has asked the hospital to give close attention and care to the girl, who has been provided with a female police counsellor.
One must give close attention to the relevant components of costs during the determination and control/reduction of them.
The core features of ADD/ADHD interfere with an individual's ability to give close attention to details, which leads to careless errors, makes sustaining attention and following through on tasks more difficult, increases forgetfulness, contributes to disorganization, and results in a person not always hearing what they're told.
The report is in its final stages of drafting and we will give close attention to the report as soon as it is available to us.