give credit

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That's not binding, however, and it's up to the individual schools to determine what they'll accept to give credit.
You have to give credit to players like that, and goalkeepers and defenders - but that is the way football is today, unfortunately.
We've got to give credit to Cardiff for being a good footballing side - they're having a good season after a difficult start and I'm sure if they continue to play like that, they'll be fine.
Queen's Park is proposing a "net metering" regulation, which would give credit to customers who generate their own power from renewable sources for excess electricity.
Another thing: When you give credit to others, most people assume that you were a part of the reason for success and are just being humble.
Give credit, then, to the enterprising and audacious Illinois pols described in Joe Bob Briggs' "Socialized Gambling" (page 16) After years of tightly regulating casinos, officials in the Land of Lincoln have now decided they want to own and operate them instead.
However, at its appeal at Stafford Crown Court yesterday, the fines were reduced and Judge Nicolas Mitchell said: 'The justices at Cannock imposed the maximum fine of pounds 5,000 on each charge and failed to give credit for pleas of guilty.
For students who wish to receive college credit for the course, many community colleges give credit for the workshop.
But, to give credit where credit is due, there are hitters who will bang the good pitch simply because they are good hitters who come up to the plate prepared for a quality at-bat.
The agency said that researchers working in Gallo's lab grew a virus supplied by French scientists but failed to give credit to the French team in one of four 1984 papers that characterize the AIDS virus.
The Attorney General's Office constantly warns consumers to never give credit card numbers over the telephone and we want to reinforce that message now to our customers who are the targets of this scam," Donnelly-Cohen said.
YOU'VE got to give credit to Sherman Oaks activist Nate Brogin.