give credit

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Tabitha Twitchit immediately raised the price of everything a half-penny; and she continued to refuse to give credit.
This incident, however, being afterwards revived in her mind, and placed in the most odious colours by Honour, served to heighten and give credit to those unlucky occurrences at Upton, and assisted the waiting-woman in her endeavours to make her mistress depart from that inn without seeing Jones.
I give credit where credit is due, but you know well enough, Jim Burden, there is a great difference in the principles of those two girls.
But it is useless to argue against such reasoners; -- I believe that, disappointed in not finding the field of licentiousness quite so open as formerly, they will not give credit to a morality which they do not wish to practise, or to a religion which they undervalue, if not despise.
But Marianne for some time would give credit to neither.
Few Americans Give Credit to Both Presidents; Few Give Credit to Neither
As Clive Turner does in his article re the Paphos clinic, I 'd like to give credit where credit is due:
I have to give credit to our players, the 41 turnovers is a testament to the defense our players put on,' said Pumaren.
The NCUA announced a new call report schedule Tuesday that is intended to set a standard deadline for the reports and to give credit unions more time to file them.
Greg Abbott this month will require the state's colleges and universities to give credit for scores of three or higher on many AP tests, which are graded on a five-point scale.
Do you regularly give credit to your team for the success of your business?
We have to know the qualities in our team and of course we are happy to have Yaya but we have to give credit to the whole team because we play good football and are defensively solid.