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The good news is you are no more required to give details of foreign trips or expenditure thereon to the income-tax department.
Thakur asked 65- year- old Roy to give details of the gadgets, like phone and computer, required to get in touch with potential overseas buyers.
Early reports did not give details of casualties or damage, but experts on state television warned Tehranis to stay indoors.
After DICE released a patch for PlayStation 4, it requested players to give details about the 'CE-34878-0 crash' error message that they were encountering.
The sub-committee on water and power that held here on Wednesday under convener ship of Senator Maula Bakhsh Chandio showed concerned about payments to Independent Power Producers and asked the ministry of water and power to give details of payment mechanism to IPPs during two years ago.
Zerguine said some of the $80 billion investment would be used to build new refineries, but he did not give details.
Victims were encouraged to give details of their attack to hospital staff while being treated for their injuries.
Summary: President Barack Obama is to give details of boosting NASA's budget by $6 billion.
Crimestoppers offers people the opportunity to give details of a crime anonymously via their freephone telephone number.
5 Please give details of any significant claims for food and travel, office and staff, and household items/ refurbishments/gardening etc and for which home?
Both carriers declined to give details of the settlements but said their liability in the civil lawsuits will end with the apparently nonmonetary agreements, which are subject to court approval.
Although Gomes and representatives of Manhattan Mall declined to give details on rental price and lease length, Mark Teitelbaum, chief operating officer of Argent Ventures, one of the mall's owners, said the company has signed "a relatively long-term lease.