give evidence

References in classic literature ?
Thank ye, my lad," said the man, running in for his hat; then pausing for a moment, "Will you give evidence of what you saw if I should bring the fellow up before a magistrate?
Tarzan of the Apes, finding that his balu never ceased to give evidence of terror in the presence of the apes of the tribe, and also that most of the adult apes were a constant menace to Go-bu-balu's life, so that Tarzan dared not leave him alone with them, took to hunting with the little black boy farther and farther from the stamping grounds of the anthropoids.
Poirot and I sat together, not being required to give evidence.
Besides, the sudden and violent impulse on the blood, occasioned by these surprizes, causes frequently such an alteration in the countenance, that the man is obliged to give evidence against himself.
I suppose,' said the constable, looking round, 'that no gentleman here can give evidence as to whether he's been flush of money of late, Do you happen to know, Sir?
Perfectly cured be certainly was not, for he supported himself forward on crutches to give evidence.
It has become so truly an organ of the social body that by telephone we now enter into contracts, give evidence, try lawsuits, make speeches, propose marriage, confer degrees, appeal to voters, and do almost everything else that is a matter of speech.
Go and call upon him, in order that he may give evidence if your
Toby Hedworth QC said: "We will be hoping to call in due course evidence on the defendant's behalf but we will not be calling the defendant himself to give evidence before the jury.
THE trial of a man accused of assaulting his wife was dropped when she failed to give evidence against her husband.
The case was adjourned the same day, with club representatives, including Levien and chairman Huw Jenkins, to give evidence at a later date.
SCHOOL pupils who saw a friend killed when a wall fell on her are to give evidence at a fatal accident inquiry into the tragedy.