give evidence

References in classic literature ?
Thank ye, my lad," said the man, running in for his hat; then pausing for a moment, "Will you give evidence of what you saw if I should bring the fellow up before a magistrate?
If I am called upon to give evidence at all"--he smiled broadly--"it will probably be as a witness for the defence.
Strangely enough, I can give evidence that will demolish one contention of the prosecution.
Cavendish, of course, could not be called upon to give evidence against her husband.
You'll bear that in mind, Mr Richard; you had better make a note of it, sir, in case you should ever be called upon to give evidence.
Glen McKenna, 24, from Dolphin House in Rialto, had been due to give evidence in the trial of Peter Murray, who was yesterday sentenced to life for murdering the father of his girlfriend's child.
Lawyers for the five told inquiry chairman Sir William Macpherson of Cluny that they want a judicial review into his decision to summons them to give evidence.
THE parents of murdered Victoria Climbie are to fly to London to give evidence to the public inquiry surrounding her death.
He is one of 20 people suing the tobacco industry in the Scottish courts and earlier this year was asked by the company to give evidence "on commission" in case he dies before his action comes to court.
A teenage girl who refused to give evidence in a major murder trial was given two months' custody yesterday.
WITNESSES in criminal court cases will be told by text message and email what time they are due to give evidence.
FORMER SNP leader Alex Salmond will be forced to give evidence in his legal battle with a tiny Scots newspaper.