give expression

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Those in whom the faculty of reason is predominant, and who most skillfully dispose their thoughts with a view to render them clear and intelligible, are always the best able to persuade others of the truth of what they lay down, though they should speak only in the language of Lower Brittany, and be wholly ignorant of the rules of rhetoric; and those whose minds are stored with the most agreeable fancies, and who can give expression to them with the greatest embellishment and harmony, are still the best poets, though unacquainted with the art of poetry.
Her clear blue eye, which sate enshrined beneath a graceful eyebrow of brown sufficiently marked to give expression to the forehead, seemed capable to kindle as well as melt, to command as well as to beseech.
Neither one nor the other seemed to give expression to her full thoughts.
From the striking, more forward-slanted front face to the rear area designed as if it's swinging up with a new LED tail lamp, the overall form and edgy character lines give expression to a dynamic flow in the wind.
Animators -- a team of 45 in the case of "Inside Out'' -- give expression and personality to the characters.
6 seconds) give expression to the car's dynamic looks.
The event, which will run through December 24, is meant to provide an opportunity for young artists to give expression to their talents.
This festival is a great opportunity for children between 9 and 11 years of age to explore the medium of drama, give expression to creative energy and script and enact their own plays," a teacher at the event said.
Sometimes, just a moment in time can already give important insights: to visualize the pain can expose patterns, clarify locations and give expression to the level of suffering.
But if we can facilitate, give expression to any desire to do things differently that places have, I think we will do that.
Itas a beautiful way to give expression to the important issues in society.
Our Strategic Partnership Agreement and even the construction here on the Embassy compound give expression to our commitment and enduring partnership,"the ambassador said in a statement.