give grounds for

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As regards belief, I shall give grounds for this view in later lectures.
The lecturers did not give grounds for the strike,' it said, adding they have been having negotiations.
And I will not allow any actions that would give grounds for questioning it," the President stressed.
SalMar believes that the strong demand, combined with developments in the global production of salmon, give grounds for strong salmon prices in the future.
A Conduct that takes place outside of the workplace may give grounds for you to take disciplinary action up to and including dismissal where appropriate.
We have a robust pounds 54million three-year infection prevention and control programme in place and the latest reports on rates of C diff and MRSA give grounds for optimism that this is now reaping rewards.
We've encountered an interest and enthusiasm from industrial companies and politicians which give grounds for optimism," says Brian Bjordal, president of Gassco.
Nevertheless, two developments yesterday give grounds for cautious hope.
In a case involving Britain's SmithKline Beecham plc, and the Beecham Group plc (both part of GlaxoSmithKline), judges said it is "is for the trade mark proprietor to prove the facts which would give grounds for exercising the right of prohibition", in any subsequent litigation.
A hammering at either venue would give grounds for believing the bubble has burst.
In this regard, emerging developments in Japan's balance of payments give grounds for optimism: Japanese exports have begun to fall due to the global effects of the U.
But it does not mean that there was not a president in Iraq,'' Koizumi said when asked to give grounds for believing Iraq had WMD by Kazuo Shii, Japanese Communist Party leader.