give heed to

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Carr was too absorbed in business to give heed to what he looked upon as a convulsion of society as natural as a geological upheaval, and too prudent to provoke the criticism of his daughters by comment in their presence.
And, now" said he, "do you keep on charging the pistols, and give heed to me.
And if I write in French, which is the language of my country, in preference to Latin, which is that of my preceptors, it is because I expect that those who make use of their unprejudiced natural reason will be better judges of my opinions than those who give heed to the writings of the ancients only; and as for those who unite good sense with habits of study, whom alone I desire for judges, they will not, I feel assured, be so partial to Latin as to refuse to listen to my reasonings merely because I expound them in the vulgar tongue.
The knight, however, was too much intent upon the matter in hand to give heed to the flippancy of his squire.
Yes, with all my heart," said I: "and oblige them to give heed to what you say too.
Never mind the manner, which may or may not be good; but think only of the truth of my words, and give heed to that: let the speaker speak truly and the judge decide justly.
If the decision is to take the risk, they should avoid overuse and give heed to the same cautions guiding those sending emojis to family and friends.
We can give heed to our call to witness to the message of unity and peace.
ISLAMABAD -- Legendary batsman Javed Miandad Thursday wants Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) selectors to give heed to the underperforming players in the Champions Trophy and bar them from the ODI squad in future.
He deplored that previous rulers did not give heed to the proper education and training of valiant Pakhtun youth and instead handed them over bogus certificates that did not work to provide them respectable jobs in the market.
My family still goes to the fields and despite meeting the pradhan several times, she did not give heed to our requests", a 90- year- old Mangal said.
They as a congregation decided to give heed to the call of His Holiness Pope Francis and to celebrate this golden year in a frugal way so that more can be spared for the needs of the others.