give honor

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I pay visits to Yasukuni Shrine to give honor and respect the war dead as a Japanese,'' he said in his statement.
In 1997 Pope John Paul II named Francis the patron of ecology, noting that this saint "invited all creation--animals, plants, natural forces, even Brother Sun and Sister Moon--to give honor and praise to the Lord.
Grand Chief Vernon Roote said, "This is an occasion where We give honor and recognition to the outstanding contributions of Anishinabe people.
The best way to give honor to Nyerere's memory is by furthering his causes.
I am only the person who helped get the journey started to create a memorial to give honor to the men and women of 9/11.
All we wanted was to give honor to fallen soldiers," said Inge Conley, incoming VFW District 4 Commander.
While this awareness ought not to discourage decisions by the majority, it does suggest the necessity to give honor to the minority, to the dissenter.
To give honor to a person or ideal is to show outward respect for them.
On behalf of all SECU members, it is truly a privilege to help the NCTA/NCSHP Caisson Unit give honor and respect to those deserving individuals and their families.
Only a ban of Japanese mercury export can begin to give honor to Minamata's legacy.
Today we give honor to our mother God," said Dagmar Celeste, a priest of the group and former first lady of Ohio.
We prefer the words that give honor and praise to our own accomplishments and diminish the influence of others on our lives.