give information

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Don Quixote did so, reining in Rocinante until his weary squire came up, who on reaching him said, "It seems to me, senor, it would be prudent in us to go and take refuge in some church, for, seeing how mauled he with whom you fought has been left, it will be no wonder if they give information of the affair to the Holy Brotherhood and arrest us, and, faith, if they do, before we come out of gaol we shall have to sweat for it.
I didn't go to give information, because I'd no thought she meant to do any harm, and I knew she had money in her pocket to buy her food and lodging.
At the beginning of their acquaintance Hayward, as a member of so celebrated a university, had adopted a patronising attitude towards Weeks, who was a graduate of Harvard; and when by chance the conversation turned upon the Greek tragedians, a subject upon which Hayward felt he spoke with authority, he had assumed the air that it was his part to give information rather than to exchange ideas.
Snodgrass,' he said, stopping suddenly, 'do not let me be balked in this matter--do not give information to the local authorities--do not obtain the assistance of several peace officers, to take either me or Doctor Slammer, of the 97th Regiment, at present quartered in Chatham Barracks, into custody, and thus prevent this duel
On entering the house, I looked about for some one to give information of Catherine.
Well, I understand that they get five pounds if they can give information.
Suggest for everybody's sanity change the music on a regular basis and please start to give information regarding buses if it's not coming.
WHILE URGING the public to give information on the burial sites and whereabouts of missing persons is a step forward, the Turkish army must release its archives for real progress to be made, executive secretary of the Missing Persons Committee Nicos Theodosiou said on Saturday.
Healthcare professionals will give information on local healthcare and the services available to people with Type 2 diabetes in the area.
Found guilty of failing to give information relating to the identification of the driver of a Vauxhall who was alleged to have been guilty of an offence between January 22 and February 19, 2014.
They are now releasing an image of a man they would like to speak to, who may be able to give information to help enquiries.
ANKARA, October 23, 2011(TUR) - Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal phoned Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Tuesday to give information prior to an agreement on exchange of prisoners of war with Israel.