give instructions

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The attorney-general said that the events concerning the accident are so extreme, that he decided to give instructions for the incident to be investigated as manslaughter, which is punishable with life imprisonment.
Though this issue is not directly connected with CSTO objectives, yet the Presidents agreed they will give instructions to national railway companies to mull appropriateness, economic and financial feasibility of this project," Nikolay Bordyuzha said.
What I feel we should do is give instructions to our national associations and the confederations to be very strong.
Mr Gorringe said he had acted "in accordance" with the solicitors' code of practice and told the QC: "In the context of these instructions, I didn't think there was someone other than the client giving me instructions, because the person authorised to give instructions was John Parkin.
The airport employee reportedly allowed his 9-year old son and his twin sister to give instructions to airplanes during two different days on February.
To consolidate these projects, we give instructions for rehabilitating and doubling the local road linking the Halq El-Menjel bridge to the town of Hergla and the local road linking Hergla to the motorway, with costs amounting to 20 million dinars.
Give Instructions in Different Ways In addition to giving instructions verbally--orally and in writing--they can also be given symbolically through pictures and diagrams, and concretely using sample sets of materials and exam pies of work to be completed.
When Roeder - who had a brain operation in 2003 while in charge at West Ham - got up to give instructions from his technical area, there were allegedly shouts of "sit down, tumour boy".
The plans must give instructions on how to evacuate all citizens in the case of a disaster and must be reviewed annually.
Plus, eye doctors will give instructions for the proper care and cleaning of the lenses to keep them bacteria-free.
The dementia he had following a stroke meant he would be unable to give instructions to his lawyers.
She began to arrange the hundreds of blossoms and to give instructions for carting them around: