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I mean inches away, with the exception of florescent lights which give off measurable readings at a fair distance.
But they do appear to give off more glare than normal lights.
with my 186 milliliters of wine, I'm going to glow anyway, going to give off a cabernet aura and it's easy to feel the flow from pineal gland to root sensor where the resonant field of my subtle bodies blossom and rise - After the little while,
Some fruits give off ethylene, which accelerates ripening in some cases.
The device, which detects the characteristic light given off by an uncontrolled flame, could be hooked into a telephone or personal computer to notify the fire department automatically and give off audio safety instructions when a fire starts.
They now give off strong, unwavering light, come in shapes to fit most lamp and fixture designs and offer a variety of color tones for different applications.
This means that when the wings absorb a special type of light, called ultraviolet light (or "black light"), they give off a bright blue-green glow.
The Sunnex PM lights give off no peripheral glow, and provide a straight beam of light that focuses only or the task at hand.
More and more scientists believe that people, like insects and other animals, give off pheromones.
The biosolids go through an anaerobic digestion process wherein bacteria break down the solids and give off methane gas, which fuels the cells that power the facility.
THE PowerWatch Network, which is an independent research group, has assessed a wide range of electrical goods that could be potentially hazardous to health because of the electro- magnetic fields they give off.