give one pause

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Although the mishaps with United Airlines were handled well with zero injuries, the frequency of the incidents should give one pause.
Considering that the last time I was hospitalized was three years ago, which was 15 years after the previous experience, twice in a year is enough to give one pause.
Against that backdrop, the aggressive expansion efforts of CVS Health and Walgreens Boots Alliance might give one pause.
The fact that the war was half over before the Narragansetts became active belligerents--and only did so after the New England colonies launched a pre-emptive attack against their homeland--should give one pause.
But the normalization of constant and eternal debt does give one pause.
But shouldn't the government's long history of reversals and follies when it comes to dietary recommendations, particularly with regard to fat, at least give one pause about the wisdom of a move as drastic as a full-fledged ban?
Should statements such as this give one pause about drug and alcohol testing of employees ?
The Soviet Union's track record with its nuclear-powered icebreakers is enough to give one pause.
The authors spend a good 'deal of time detailing several notable frauds, which should give one pause before investing heavily in Luger rarities.
But its involvement in the consulate attack, ties to AQIM, and sharing of a brand name that is used by other Al Qaeda-affiliated groups should give one pause when dismissing its ties to Al Qaeda," he said.
The price for downloading is not as steep, but still more than enough to give one pause before stealing the latest Taylor Swift single: $25,700 fines or up to two years in prison.
That alone should give one pause as to O'Keefe's credibility.