give orders

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Mr Allworthy answered, she must take care of the child that evening, and in the morning he would give orders to provide it a nurse.
No need," he cried, "to give orders to such leaders of the Argives as you are, for of your own selves you spur your men on to fight with might and main.
Monsieur and Madame hastened to give orders to the officers who presented themselves.
A grave sneer overcast the dark, severe gravity of her face, as she listened, and heard them divide out the ground, discuss the rival merits of the dogs, give orders about firing, and the treatment of each, in case of capture.
I have to give orders about my new bridle and saddle-cloth, and speak to the rat-catcher about his dogs: Miss Grey must go with you.
I shall now give orders to have all the warehouses where your cargo is placed under the royal seal, and they will only be opened when you have brought me the man I ask for.
The mate, on the other hand, gave orders to the blacks, but never did he give orders to the captain.
I shall give orders to my friends, as well as to the natives, to keep away from your camp, and I shall expect you to do the same regarding mine.
But there must be a clear political will at the executive level to give orders to the army and the security forces so that they pursue the kidnappers to the very end," he said.
The court should give orders to take grave actions against the doctors," the petitioner pleaded.
Before the three-month hiatus which ended last Wednesday when the trial resumed, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi had testified in a session closed to the press that Mubarak did not give orders to shoot protesters.
The joint force will be under a single command from either country, meaning French officers could give orders to our special forces.