give proof

See: depose, testify
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Rajan will be set free if CBI doesn't give proof of crimes
Sheikh Rohail Asghar informed the committee that Pakistan Monument hired 350 employees against the rules and regulations and he can give proof in this regard.
Proving the participation or support of a criminal organisation can give proof of the illegality of the means of obtaining the assets.
30 days to give proof it has the money to close the deal.
But because the new 512 core HPC cluster has more and faster CPUs, more RAM and larger storage capacity, and therefore is more than six times as powerful as the previous computer, GEA's Fluid Mechanics R&D team can now push the boundaries for what is possible even further--whether the job is to give proof of the performance of a given design, help trouble shooting on existing plants or developing new dryer components.
It's time for parties to give proof of courage and take upon them the responsibility to ensure to all Libyans a future.
Furthermore, in my meeting with the board I confirmed I could give proof of funds within 24 hours of the board accepting our proposal in principle.
Note: The Bidder Who Have Supplied Tendered Item To Nlc In The Past Shall Give Proof Of Such Supplies (Satisfying Pqr1&2) And They Will Be Qualified Based On Their Past Performance.
You may be asked to give proof of your residence in the UK.
President Marzouki also invited all parties to give proof of patriotism, preserve peace and support the new cabinet whose forming should not exceed one month.
3 ( ANI ): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called on the United States to give proof that chemical weapons were used by his government.
PCB legal adviser Taffazul Rizvi said yesterday that Latif must apologise or give proof to substantiate his claims.